Kids (6 - 12 years)

Fundamental skill of memorization for your kid or grandchild

Unfortunately, most of us have never been taught how to remember things. This leads to kids being under many hours of stress and fear regarding the upcoming exams, school performance, and overall future.

Once the child is under pressure from such emotions and uncertainty - it's obviously transmitted to the whole family.

Lay the foundation for effective and stress-free education from an early age.

Fundamental skill of memorization for your kid or grandchild

Learning in the form of a game with interactive video lessons and puzzles
The most essential senses are engaged in the process of studying via our interactive and gamified learning.

Visual learning, learning by doing and emotional reaction not only simplifies the process of acquisition of knowledge but also provides an overall increase of cognitive abilities and attention.

Experiments and exploration are what kids like the most. By engaging such processes while learning creates a sense of excitement which leads to a boost in motivation and makes the experience more powerful and memorable.
Children are highly engaged and wisely spending their time
Memory techniques are acquired through our interactive lessons and 3D virtual world which is accessible on a tablet or phone. Сhild engaged and interested in a studying process and not bounded to PC or desk.

It is always better to prevent poor memory rather than dealing with its consequences later in life.

Give your child or grandkids a decent head start in life!

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