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This secret superpower will surprise yourself and inspire others

Either you just desire for new knowledge or you are a star of quiz nights or even a mental athlete - you always need one key thing to succeed. No doubt - it's memory.

But there are a couple of major characteristics your memory may lack - capacity, precision, fast recall and strong confidence in your abilities.

Learn how memoryOS can improve your memory

Sometimes we have to look at familiar things from another point of view
Actually, people have never been taught how to memorize. It's time to cast aside barbaric methods that are time-consuming and exhausting.

Even classical mnemonic techniques lack flexibility and to some extent are limited.

memoryOS offers a new, effective and fun experience which significantly eases the process of acquiring memorization skill and provides you with potentially limitless storage space.
Expand your abilities which you thought have reached the limit
Speaking of memory capacity - you are only limited to your imagination which in turn has no limits. Once you learn how to memorize, you will be able to remember lots of information.

Memory champions memorize tens of thousands of numbers, huge amounts of various combinations and facts. You are no different from them - amazing memory is not something they are born with.

We invite you to acquire the skill of perfect memory here at memoryOS if you've got the desire to improve yourself and ready to put in some effort.
Impress, surprise and inspire
Learn new information the way world memory champions do it. Remember cards, combinations, and various number sequences.

Memorize vocabulary and learn the language of a country you are planning to visit next.
Lead your team and country to a victory at mental competitions
Become the fount of knowledge.

Well organized mind palace will allow you to navigate among large datasets of various information and retrieve what's needed in the blink of an eye.

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