Pi Day 2020 (press release #2)Pi Day 2020

Pi Day 2020 celebration - Diving into The π Matrix of 100,000 decimals from Memory | Jonas von Essen

On March 7, 2020, Jonas von Essen challenged the World Record for the most digits of Pi recited.

On March 7, 2020, Jonas challenged the World Record of the most digits of Pi recited. The main rule was - Jonas can not make a single error. Jonas was recalling all the numbers of Pi in the right order and was always under the supervision of two witnesses present in the room as well as the chairman of the Pi World Ranking List.

Jonas was using “voice to text” software that translates his voice into numbers to avoid cramps by typing all the digits by hand. The algorithm of recalling the numbers was as follows:

- Jonas speaks a batch of 5,000 digits

- He goes through these 5,000 digits visually to double-check for errors 

- He submits the numbers

The official rules for a Pi record attempt are available via the link: http://www.pi-world-ranking-list.com/index.php?page=rules

The chairman of the Pi World Ranking List Jan van Koningsveld was an official judge and patron of this world record attempt.

As a result - Jonas von Essen is now officially #1 in Europe and the West in general with the result of 24,063 digits of Pi recalled. It is noteworthy that this was the first case of World Record, which was accompanied by video recording and accessible to people around the world via a live stream that got over 178,000 video views, 113,727 minutes of watched time and 6,123 chat messages across the streamed channels within the 21 hr 58 min streamed time.

In the Extreme Pi Matrix Challenge - the Olympus Mons of Memory, Jonas had to recall a string of 9 digits before and 9 digits after the randomly pronounced series within the 100,000 digits of the Pi book, he got up to a 22 streak in a row, which has never been done before. After taking one day of rest, the Olympus Mons of Memory was conquered, and Jonas got a streak of 50 in a row! No human ever has got even close to such a result! This is an Ultimate Pi World Record.

Pi World Ranking List is the organization in charge of all the Official Pi Memory Records. The Olympus Mons Extreme Pi Matrix challenge was regulated and controlled by: Idriz Zogaj, (Swedish Memory Sports Council); Florian Minges, (Swedish Memory Sports Council); Qendresa Hamiti, (Arbiter); and Jan van Koningsveld, (The Chairman of the Pi World Ranking List).

It was indeed an impressive run. Many more accomplishments are waiting ahead. After some rest, Jonas will keep practicing to reach the desired destination of 100,000 decimals of Pi recited. On our side, we will have more time to prepare, so the overall set and settings of the live stream event will be as good as they can get.

We are grateful to our partners for showing their support and sharing this cause with the World: The Stephen Hawking Foundation, Big Think, Flammable Maths, Life Through a Mathematician's Eyes, Chilled Cow, Epic Maths Time, The Swedish Memory Sports Council, The Pi World Ranking List and Sweden’s National Museum of Science and Technology and of course to Restream.io for enabling the multistream.

We are looking forward to bringing positive changes in human memory and letting the world see that the human mind has no boundaries. Let's continue to unite and give people a chance to witness and believe they, too, can improve themselves in any aspect and break illusional mental limits! ‍

Let’s #MakeTheWorldRemember that #OurMindsAreLimitless

Diving into The Ocean of Pi decimals

Jonas von Essen lives up to his title and shows that he remembers 50,000 decimals of Pi during the final of Sweden's Got Talents.

Get to know Jonas a bit closer

Jonas is asked to explain what he sees when he dives into The Ocean of Pi. Immerse yourself for a moment and see how a human mind can remember so much.
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