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His memory was not good at all, and now he remembers over 100,000 π decimals. Pi day March 14, 2020

Jonas could be the first man to break the human memory limit. Could his new step be one giant leap for the human mind?

We are thrilled to announce that Jonas von Essen is currently in status “deeply immersed in the Ocean of Pi …” reciting over 100,000 decimals of Pi, to break the current world record of 70,030! Jonas is confident he will break the 100,000 digit barrier in the first days of March, before Pi Day 3/14/2020 (which is also now the official International Day of Mathematics). Opening a door of possibilities for all humans to realize they are, too, all a part of this journey in reaching our fullest potentials.

While preparing, his physical body takes short breaks to eat and sleep, it’s breathtaking to imagine what his mind is continuously going through having to encode, store and recall so many random digits in the right order without a single error. His mind, like no one else’s, is currently being connected to the endless realms of our mathematical universe. In Carl Sagan’s novel Contact, it is suggested that the creator of the universe buried a message deep within the digits of π, so who knows...

Pi 2020 π
Archimedes’ Constant (Pi) is one of the most important numbers in our universe. It is a key constant in any equation that involves circular or harmonic motion. In fact, the number π appears in countless essential formulas and theories, including the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and Einstein’s field equation from general relativity. So it’s a very, very important formula, a vital number indeed.

Breaking the 100,000 digit barrier of π is mesmerizing to fathom and witness. The traction created will generate more exposure in bridging the gap between what we think we can do with the human brain and what is possible. Of its significance, Pi Day will be celebrated in school systems and by mathematicians and scientists around the world. This year, with a new achievement by Jonas, a World Record in the “World’s Toughest Memory Challenge.” Maintaining a great memory starts with the best method of practice, consistency, and of course, having a valid teacher. These thoughts fueled Jonas as he set on a journey much more spectacular that one could have ever imagined.

Being a Swedish superstar, Jonas von Essen is, at times, referred to as the “Rain Man,” as many people think he was born with a ‘different/unique’ brain. Luckily, for all of us, this is not the case. After over 20 years of having a mediocre memory, he had managed, in only a few months of training, to improve it so dramatically that he was awarded the title “Sweden’s Sharpest Memory.”

And from there, it went on. Jonas started competing internationally and rapidly climbed the world rankings, encouraged by fast extension of his skills and the warm and friendly atmosphere among the memory contestants. A few months later, he took part in his first World Memory Championship in London, where he shot up from nowhere and took the overall bronze medal.

The year after that, he increased his training to several hours each day and went on winning competition after competition until finally reaching the top position at that year’s World Memory Championship. A feat he repeated the next year, winning his second World Memory Champion title in China.

Jonas has taken part in British documentaries, Chinese TV shows, commercials in Australia, helped Charles Darwin University create a memory course, and was hired to train national memory teams who consequently showed sensational results. Featured in BBC, The New York Times, Independent, The Telegraph, The Times, and on various other news & blog sites.

The memory improvement market is increasing, as people are continually searching for new ways and people who help inspire them to better their memory and teach them how to learn.

We are looking forward to bringing new changes in this and letting the world see that the limits of the human brain have no boundaries. Jonas, a co-founder of memoryOS, is ready to step forward on this historic day in surpassing the limits of the human brain, breaking the 100,000 digit barrier of Pi. Taking him about 20 hours of non-stop recall without a single error will very likely make him a Memory Master of the Greatest Status, genuinely unique.

Let's give people a chance to witness and believe they, too, can improve themselves in any aspect and break illusional mental limits! We hope to inspire young people to do better by enhancing their participation in life and society through the live stream connection.



“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by so quickly you hardly catch it going.” Tennessee Williams.

Diving into The Ocean of Pi decimals

Jonas von Essen lives up to his title and shows that he remembers 50,000 decimals of Pi during the final of Sweden's Got Talents.

Get to know Jonas a bit closer

Jonas is asked to explain what he sees when he dives into The Ocean of Pi. Immerse yourself for a moment and see how a human mind can remember so much.
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"Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going."

Tennessee Williams

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