Scholars are obtaining solid confidence that studied material is actually remembered

Relieve yourself from the fear of forgetting.
Learning is inspiring once you know how to remember what you study.

Why is it so hard to keep in mind everything that curriculum requires? Why is studying can often be so frustrating? It is because you are wasting most of your time on tasks not related to studying. Most significant of which - is remembering.

Unfortunately, most of us have never been taught how to remember things. This led us to many hours of stress and fear regarding the upcoming tests, exams, overall school performance and the uncertainty as to one's future.

Learn how memoryOS transforms your study techniques and process

Gamified interactive video lessons
The most essential senses are engaged in the process of studying via our interactive and gamified learning.

Visual learning, learning by doing and emotional reaction not only simplifies the process of acquisition of knowledge but also provides an overall increase of cognitive abilities and attention.

A sense of excitement leads to a boost in motivation and makes the experience more powerful and memorable.

Once your learn these techniques - no one can take it away from you.
Engaging and smart way to spend time
Everything you memorise gets stored safely into “folders” of your inner “hard drive”

Information is easily "accessed" by the power of thought.
Wide coverage of use of acquired memorization skill
Remember hundreds of answers to exam questions.

Get your custom personal “mind atlas” by remembering various geographical information: abstract shapes, countries on a map, capital cities, rivers, mountains and additional information about the countries.

Learn and remember general historical dates, memorize the whole historic timeline. Remember complex infromation like texts, speeches and characteristics.

Memorizing and operating with numbers, its sequences and formulas is a piece of cake from now on.

Obtain solid confidence that studied material is actually remembered!

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