Working professionals

Stay productive, calm and confident in any situation

Students have an ongoing worry of having to receive high grades. These worries turn into painfull stress during the period of tests and exams.

The absence of a memorization skill leads to uncertainty whether the right information will be recalled when needed. With years, information overload gets larger, thus the problem gets even bigger.

Acquiring a memorization skill and increasing storage space to needed capacity is the weapon of choice.

Hack your memory, ace exams and graduate with confidence.

Effective learning is considered to be amongst top future skills

Learn how to improve memory power and use it properly
  • Store hundreds of answers to exam questions and recall them on demand
  • Learn how to properly process and gain full understanding of study material
  • Learn how to structure and remember even the most complex information
  • Learn how to memorize a textbook chapter in under an hour
  • Memorizing and operating with numbers, its sequences and formulas is a piece of cake from now on
  • Learn how to remember general historical dates and memorize the whole historic timeline
  • Your custom personal “mind atlas” will allow you to remember various geographical information: abstract shapes, countries on a map, capital cities, rivers, mountains and additional information about the countries
Gamification is a key to success
Interactive video lessons combined with a 3d game allow your brain to be engaged and open to the learning process.

Everything you memorize gets stored safely into “folders” of your inner “hard drive”.

Once needed, the right information is easily "accessed" by the power of thought.
Increase overall academic performance
No need for constant boring repetitions. Prepare your speeches, presentations and fill up the vocabulary of any language with thousands of words stress-free and several times faster than before.

Once it's there, the memorization skill is forever with you.

You can increase grades by at least 20% within the first 2 months by effectively allocating your time and focus.

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