Features of memory OS

Solving major limitations

Besides numerous benefits, memoryOS solves the following major limitations standing in the way of those who wish to obtain true power of memory:

- absence of adequate and modern solution to acquire memorization skill and enable its use

- reliance on the ancient mnemonic techniques in its outdated and basic form which makes overall process time-consuming, exhausting and to some extent limited

- the time and effort it takes to construct a useable memory palace out of known (and later unknown) locations especially for beginners

Our innovation

memoryOS provides a new e-learning experience in an engaging, gamified format while building the memorization skill and giving people potentially limitless storage space for anything they will need to remember while enjoying our 3d game.

Think of it as having an operating system for your memory, enabling the brain’s physical ability to encode, store and retrieve large amounts of various information.

What powers memoryOS


The right amount of specific bite-sized training assets to achieve an actionable objective.


Creates excitement, due to the endorphins that are being released, which leads to a boost in motivation and makes the overall experience more powerful.

Spaced repetition

A proven, effective technique to learn in the way your brain works.

Additional features

Instant access via mobile or web app
Intuitive experience
Emotional reaction to boost results
Visual learning by interactive doing
Works for non-gamers
For people of all ages