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Memorization is as important as reading and writing and should be taught as our basic skill. Because our current educational system fails to do so – this leads to a lot of student stress and normally progresses into various forms of what’s called “having a bad memory.”

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Here is what you get as a result of memoryOS gamified app:

Structured memory
Memorized information is organized and structured into your mind's "memory tree"
Large storage
Tremendous increase in memory capacity with the option to add-on
Joyful learning
Stress-free and enjoyable learning after obtaining memorization skill
Instant recall
Dazzling ability to remember things really fast and effortlessly
High confidence
Certainty that needed information is remembered and can be recalled
Go pro
Lifelong memorization skill to remember the way world memory champions do
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Meet the Average Jonas who perfected his Memory

2X World Memory Champion and a head lecturer at memoryos

Meet the Average Jonas who perfected his Memory

As somebody who went from struggling to remember simple things to becoming the World Memory Champion twice, our startup's co-founder Jonas von Essen knows all the common false beliefs and myths about “having a bad memory.”

Your brain isn’t “forgetting” needed information when you need it to because of its IQ or even your lack of focus. It’s forgetting because you are trying to memorize without having such a skill in the first place.

Memorization skill entails having a structured storage space (i.e., Mind Palace) for the information you need to remember.

By now, it is a fact that an ability to easily memorize any information in large amounts is a skill that can be learned.

Memorization is as important as reading and writing and should be possessed as an essential skill.

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memoryOS is honored to feature the world’s best mnemonics teacher to guide you on the path of acquiring your own memory superpower.

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Our startup is proud to be supported by the Stephen Hawking Foundation

We are grateful for all the support from the Hawking family and for our collaboration towards the Pi Day 2020 on March 14th in tribute to Professor Hawking.

We kindly invite you to become a part of our bigger cause which is to bring in a change to the study approach imposed by the current educational system. Join us on a mission to enable spectacular memory we were naturally born with.

See our Edtech in action

memoryOS app consists of two components:

Mind Palace Virtual Implant technology

3D game with specially designed virtual worlds i.e. Mind Palaces that later serve as mind’s storage space

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Latest advances in e-Learning

Interactive microlessons on memory techniques compiled and taught by 2X World Memory Champion

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Thoroughly researched articles on human memory and beyond

Sherlock's Mind Palace

Let’s get you going so the usage of this infamous technique will become less mysterious.

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Aphantasia: More people are blind inside then you'd think

The studies made so far predict that about 2 % of the population have aphantasia. In the US, that’s about as many as are named John.

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All Truth About Eidetic Memory - Case Closed

Eidetic memory is a concept that very few people, and online articles seem to fully understand.

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Our mission is to make excellent memorization skills the new norm

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"Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going."

Tennessee Williams

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