Drastically improve your memory the fun way!

A whole new award-winning gamified app to remember and recall any information quickly. Upgrade your memory in 15 minutes a day.

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The most funded app in Kickstarter's history is now live! Join the rest of our 50,000+ Early Adopters who on average saw an increase of +70% in memory recall

how to improve memory

with memoryOS

here is what you will get:

Structured memory
Memorized information is organized and structured into your mind's "memory tree"
Large storage
Tremendous increase in memory capacity with the option to add-on
Instant recall
Dazzling ability to remember things really fast and effortlessly
Joyful learning
Stress-free and enjoyable learning after obtaining memorization skill
High confidence
Certainty that needed information is remembered and can be recalled
Go pro
Lifelong memorization skill to remember the way world memory champions do

Meet the "Average Jo" who perfected his Memory

2X World Memory Champion head lecturer at memoryos

Meet the "Average Jo"
who perfected his Memory

As somebody who went from struggling to remember simple things to becoming the World Memory Champion twice, our startup's co-founder Jonas von Essen knows all the common false beliefs and myths about “having a bad memory.”

memoryOS is honored to feature the world’s best mnemonics teacher to guide you on the path of acquiring your own memory superpower.

Cutting edge Edtech

our gamified

memory app

consists of two components:

Educational Game of Virtual Mind Palaces

Simply play within our immersive pre-made Memory Palaces to transfer their blueprints as storage folders into your long-term memory. Upgrade your mind to keep all that matters to you in perfect order.

Time-tested and scientifically proven methods fused with Modern eLearning for Cutting-Edge Results


Powerful toolkit of simple techniques for effortlessly storing and recalling essential information.

Spaced repetition

A proven, effective method to learn in the way your brain works.


The right amount of fun & bite-sized lessons that develop your memory superpowers. Compiled and guided by the 2X World Memory Champion.


Our gamified microlessons create excitement, due to the endorphins that are being released throughout each session. This leads to a boost in motivation and makes the overall experience more joyful.

Exeperience a smarter way to close deals.

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Thoroughly researched articles on human memory and beyond

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Our mission is to make having excellent memorization skills the new norm

"Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going."

Tennessee Williams

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