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Virtual Mind palace technology

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What is memoryOS

Enormous Memory
Tremendously increase memory capacity with the option to add on
Structured Information
Information is organized and structured into your mind
Instant Recall
Dazzling ability to remember things really fast and effortlessly
High Confidence
Certainty that needed information is remembered and can be recalled
SCORE 14 out of 15
TIME 01:40 minutes

Sharp Memory is a Skill
That Can be Developed

memoryOS helps you remember important information. Improve your memory skills in a fun and engaging way based on science.

Educational Game of
Virtual Mind Palaces

Virtual storage folders for your brain.
Play, learn and use them to keep needed
information in perfect order.

Time-Tested and Scientifically Proven Methods


Techniques for effortlessly storing and recalling essential information.

Spaced repetition

A proven, effective method to learn in the way your brain works.
120+ gamified

Modern eLearning for Cutting-Edge Results


Fun & bite-sized lessons that develop your memory superpowers.


Our gamified microlessons provide 
an exciting and easy learning journey.

Your Grandmaster
who perfected his memory

Jonas went from struggling to remember simple things to becoming a legend
  • Two Times World Memory Champion
  • Won “The Brain” TV show in China
  • Won “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”
  • Won “The Wall” TV show in Sweden
  • Memorized the first 100,000 Pi digits
  • Won “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”

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What you get with memoryOS

  • Scientifically proven and time-tested methods that got digitized
  • Combined with new proprietary virtual Mind Palace technology
  • World Memory Champion guidance throughout your gamified learning path
  • Library of HD virtual Mind Palaces to serve as your mind storage space
  • Exclusive access to our Early Adopters private group
  • 📂 850+ loci for mind storage space
  • 🎓 130+ interactive micro-lessons
  • 🧠 28 lifelong memory skills
  • ⏱️ Spaced repetition mechanics
  • 🏰 Pre-made HD virtual Mind Palaces

You will learn how to memorize:

  • 📃 Lists of items
  • 👤 Personal facts
  • 🧠 Study techniques
  • 📜 Study material
  • 📖 General Knowledge
  • 🗝 Passwords
  • 🧪 Periodic table
  • ⏳ Historical timeline
  • 🗺 Countries and Capitals
  • 💀 Anatomy
  • 📅 Dates of significant events
  • 🏁 Flags
  • 🗓 Keeping track of the years
  • 🎂 Birthdays
  • 🎙 Long speeches
  • 🥸 Names
  • 🔢 Long sequences of numbers
  • 📊 Complex data structures
  • 💾 Binary digits
  • 🖼 Art
  • 💯 Numbers
  • 🔤 Vocabulary and phrases
  • 🏎 Speed memorization
  • 💡 Concepts and figures
  • ♣️ Memorizing decks of cards
  • 📚 Content of complete books
  • 🤯 Advanced study techniques
  • 🧮 More advanced number systems

People love memoryOS app

100,000+ Early Adopters highly rated memoryOS

Team made a fantastic app to put memory learning into practice where no one has done before. You’ll love it!


Amazing! A fun gamified way of teaching very valuable techniques in a way that is much more engaging. Truly brilliant!


Jonas is a world memory champion AND also an excellent teacher who teaches in a step-by-step manner. A++++


Seriously Awesome App! I am an original Kickstarter supporter and started with the original beta version and I still recall the info I learnt almost 1 year ago. I am seriously impressed as an over-50-year-old man. I wish there was a 6 Star to give.


Unlike the others I have used. This app teaches me how to make connections and remember them. It blows my mind the things I have learned and been able to recall. I have had good neuro exercises with other apps, but this is on a level unto itself. Worth the subscription!


This app deserves a lot more success. You guys have done impressive work, you have my respect and love.


Amazing journey to learn to memorize. Entertaining and intuitive. Very addictive.


Best app for memory. Please add new languages in the future for everyone to enjoy it!


Oh, this definitely works!

Bob Philips

We need more apps like this and less useless games trying to use our neural system to get money abusing, using dopamine-focused techniques.

Mysterious Boj

Incredibly well-done app. Can wholeheartedly recommend it!


Been using this app for 7 days.. Amazing so far.. Really loved this app.. My memorising has improved a lot

Md Saifullah

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