Executing the evolution of human memory using software

Encoder Inc. is an EdTech startup destined to bring in a change to the study approach imposed by the current educational system. The foundation stone to these changes is memoryOS – our product with a mission to enable spectacular memory in every human brain. We are a team of like-minded and diverse people, united around a problem of the modern educational system.

When it comes to reading, we first learn letters, then we learn how to read syllables, words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and eventually whole books. The same principle applies to writing and just about any other fundamental skill. When it comes to memory – we do not learn the actual skill. There is a large piece that is missing. Current educational system expects us to remember significant amounts of information without teaching us how to memorize it in the first place. It’s like throwing kids into the middle of the ocean without teaching them how to swim beforehand. Nor providing them with a boat.

We believe that memorization is as important as reading and writing and should be taught as a base skill. Because our current educational system fails to do so – this leads to a lot of student stress and normally progresses into various forms of what’s called “having a bad memory.” We have made it our mission for the memorization skills to become a new norm.

Core team

Our mission is
to make having excellent memorization skills the new norm

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