Paul Deretskiy

All doings in life are best when we are able to help others. Genuine help that we receive along the way are the best experiences to draw from. This experience is furthered in my work at Encoder, where we continue to learn and share. Born in Kyiv and growing up in New Jersey gives great comparison on the East and West traditions. We are very similar, striving to realize existence, wanting to better ourselves, and essentially, hope to make this world a better place.

Through school, soccer, college, and life gather these occurrences that have led to finding homage in Encoder. My co-workers bring out some of the best qualities in me and prove that if people are willing to work together, anything may be accomplished. Every big thing starts with one idea others can connect with. Hopefully, you can connect with us too, and realize some of your hidden potentials.

Our brains are a fascinating thing, and unlocking what we indeed are capable of is one of life’s mysteries. While working on an occasional task at Encoder, my memories from a far but a vivid dream started to arise. As if I was implementing a memorization technique, totally unaware. A green hill appeared before me as I began to see the tree I have always seen. This time, it was also a memory tree bringing back memories from the past and what seemed, memories to come.

Our senses tell us one thing, and our brain may tell us something else. In between those are moments when help and guidance come in. Leading to have a better intuitive experience. Knowing this was something bigger than me, something that needs to be shared. In those moments where understanding is not enough, we must strive to “overstand.”
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