Gamified eLearning combined with an immersive 3D game

Mind Palace Virtual Implant Technology

Our mind software provides storage space to encode, store and then retrieve needed memories
Interactive micro-lessons with an immersive experience accessible as an App
Everything you memorize gets stored safely into “folders” of your mind’s inner “hard drive“
Learning plan developed and taught online by the 2x World Memory Champion

Join us to obtain an essential 21st century skill

Are you trying to remember needed information, but once the time comes to recall it you find either bits of it or nothing at all?

You need to learn about our innovation called the Mind Palace Virtual Implant (MPVI) – it allows a person to gain systematic control over the mind’s memorization process and memory storage along with a significant increase in one’s memory capacity.

memoryOS combines the latest advances in e-learning with MPVI innovation to enable spectacular memory in every human brain. It is coming soon to Web, Google Play, App Store, and eventually SteamVR.

How can memoryOS help you?

For Knowledge Lovers

This secret superpower will surprise yourself and inspire others.

For Working Professionals

Learn speeches, names, qualification exams, and passwords with certainty.

For Elderly Adults

Get it right without a doubt - names, dates and everything important.

For Adults

Erase the uncomfortable “I don’t remember” episodes from your daily life.

For Students

Hack your memory, ace exams with calmness and graduate with confidence.

For Scholars

Obtaining utmost confidence that studied material is actually remembered.

For Kids

Lay the foundation for effective and stress free education from an early age.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How is this different from online courses on memory improvement?

Unlike “brain improvement” apps/games or courses from self-proclaimed memory experts, we offer a joyful, interactive experience utilizing the best of current technology.

As a result of the latest advances in e-learning combined with our innovative Mind Palace Virtual Implant technology, memoryOS users obtain an operating system for their memory, enabling the brain’s physical ability to remember large amounts of various information.

Why not learn mnemonics from a textbook?

It is certainly possible to develop a memorization skill from specialized textbooks. Besides the long hours of regular training, this approach has several limitations. A major one is having to construct a large enough, usable mind palace out of well-known locations that are themselves limited.

I do not play videogames, can this work for me?

The memoryOS experimental prototype has proven to work successfully on a broad age range of people, including those without any prior gaming experience.

What are Loci?

Loci is a unique object which serves as a folder to encode, store and retrieve a set of specific information. In a memory palace technique (i.e. method of loci) well-known environments are composed of a number of discrete loci.

What is a Mind Palace?

Memory or a Mind Palace is a fundamental memory technique used by all World Memory Champions. A Mind Palace is created out of well-known environments with a number of specific objects inside i.e., loci. To memorize something, the subject mentally navigates through a path of loci to form a vivid link between the desired information and the specific loci. To retrieve the needed memories, the subject simply re-imagines walking through the particular environment of a Mind Palace.

Why was memoryOS destined to be?

memoryOS has been initiated on the pure enthusiasm of its creators and desire to bare positive changes into the world. We are very fortunate for all the sincere help and support we have received from our friends, family and great people out there on our mission to enable spectacular memory in every human brain.

This was initiated as a result of our co-founder's personal pain when he realized how unnecessarily stressful his life was during the test and exam periods at school and university. Even though having a Mind Palace boosted his grades as well as free time, Alex saw that existing methods of obtaining memorization skill have significant limitations that stop almost everyone from acquiring it as a lifelong skill. Continuing to feel the unnecessary pain of scholars, students, and people in general, he decided to find a solution and build a team to implement it.

What is the #OurMindsAreLimitless community and how can I contribute?

#OurMindsAreLimitless is a new movement of people who shatter illusional mental barriers.

If you feel that this is an important cause and something you could be a part of, join the #MindsAreLimitless self-organizing community in Discord to share ideas, support each other and participate in solving common challenges that are created by our illusional mental barriers.

When will memoryOS be available? How much will it cost?

Our team is doing everything and beyond to release memoryOS as soon as possible without sacrificing the product’s quality and effectiveness. YOU are the one who can accelerate the development process with your support - be it sign-up, active participation in the community’s life or a donation. Our goal is to make it as affordable as possible, especially for students and children.

For those who are curious - here is a sneak-peak into the game part of memoryOS.

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