Dr. Artem Rozumenko


Neurosurgeon and neurooncologist, focused on brain mapping and image-guided surgery of brain tumors.

Started scientific career in school at age of 15. The winner of various national competitions for young researchers in biology. During university program in medicine, combined  interest in mechanisms of visual information perception and web technologies.

Specialized in neurosurgery at the Romodanov neurosurgery institute in Kyiv, Ukraine. Doctoral program was finished in 2012 with thesis dedicated to application of multimodal neuronavigation in management of tumors in eloquent brain areas. Postdoc research of brain path mapping techniques finished in Germany with the DAAD funding in 2014. Further neurosurgical training in clinics and research centers worldwide (Italy, Germany, Switzerland and India) included microsurgical and neuroendoscopic techniques application in neuro-oncology.

Dr. Rozumenko is an author of more than 50 publications including scientific articles, patents, guides and books in neurosurgery. Nowadays develops precise keyhole approaches to intra-axial brain tumors with assistance of high-energy surgical lasers, endoscopic control and subcortical brain mapping.

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