Games To Improve Memory: Best Practices
Updated on January 31, 2024
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Games To Improve Memory: Best Practices

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Various experts create unique programs and games to improve memory. Most of them have a straightforward, intuitive interface, vivid pictures, and fun learning. With gamified memory improvement methods, it becomes much easier to improve the state of memory.

A gamified approach – makes learning fun!

Playfulness is the ultimate strategy in self-development and personal growth, whether, for you, that means improving your communication skills, learning a new language, exploring a new professional field, physical training, or picking up a new hobby! A playful approach to learning is less strenuous and more engaging when improving memory skills.

Games to Improve Memory and Concentration

When a person notices that his memory is getting worse, he looks for an opportunity to correct the situation. It is important to understand that brain function and the ability to remember is one of the least studied areas of science, so there is no universal method that will work for absolutely everyone.

There are many games to improve memory and concentration. The simplest and most common sections can be distinguished by:

  • Crossword puzzles;
  • Chess;
  • Jigsaw puzzles;
  • Rebus puzzles;
  • Sudoku;
  • Concentration.

Most of them are familiar to us from childhood, so it’s not difficult to understand the rules. Games to improve brain memory will allow you to have a good time, relax and unwind after an active pastime.

You can play such games as at a regular table with friends, or you can download a mobile application for your smartphone. In this case, you can play anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, the choice of logic games is now vast, so everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Best game to improve memory – memoryOS. Unlike other memory-boosting apps, it has the following features:

  • Virtual implant;
  • 3D pictures;
  • Interactive entertainment;
  • Bite-Sized Micro-Lessons;
  • Video Snippet Explainers;
  • Gamified e-learning;
  • Taught by 2x World Memory Champion;
  • Simple gameplay;
  • And much more to enable great memory.

Thanks to this application, you can master the mind palace technology – famous around the world. All training takes place in a playful way, so it is easy and interesting. This memory app was created with the help of the 2x World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen. From birth, he had normal abilities, but thanks to hard training, he achieved really good results. Now he is ready to share his experience.

Games to improve memory can also help retrieve needed memories. Such workouts take a little longer, but they show excellent results. After traumatic brain injuries or complex diseases, the doctor prescribes therapy, which includes training for better memorization. To encompass after you teach yourself how to memorize with the help of the app, you can use these methods in everyday life. A trained memory can erase many uncomfortable episodes in our lives and make information recall stress-free.

Games to Improve Memory for Elderly

With age, a person’s ability to memorize information lessens, so experts advise choosing games to improve memory. With their help, you will be able to maintain the correct functioning of the brain, which means creating good conditions for memorizing and perceiving information.

A mind palace (same as: memory palace) is a place where the mind stores all the information that a person has ever seen or heard. With age, the ability to find data here lessens. Special training helps to keep the brain’s ability to process information. Our brains already have a connected blueprint or web of memory connections. A structured guide to the usage of a mind palace enables a person to build on what is already there.

It is worth noting that ordinary games to improve memory and concentration do not work as well for older people as they do for young or middle-aged people. Individual methods are developed for pensioners. Experts believe that it is helpful to:

  • Read more;
  • Play logical games such – as chess or sudoku;
  • To be creative (draw, make applications, compose poetry and any other creative choice);
  • Monitor nutrition;
  • Look through pictures and try to reproduce them in your mind with your eyes closed;
  • Solve crosswords.

The more logical problems you solve, the more your consciousness remains clear and with vital energy. Keeping the brain fit lets you keep usage of what is already there.

Research shows that the best game to improve memory is memoryOS. The app is built in such a way that you can relax and enjoy your workouts. With its help, you can structure all the data in the mind palace virtual implant and embed the answer in your mind palace, making the information much faster to recall.

Before you start training, you need to pass tests that will help determine which state of mind your memory is in and help you choose proper pathways (gamified learning) to improve brain memory. Learning will be more enjoyable and effective if you choose a suitable methodology. It is necessary to train daily, then there will be much more noticeable results, and the effects will last much longer. The ultimate benefit to testing your skills before engagement in gaming activities to learn – will show progress on paper. Always a great reference to keep in mind when moving forward that gaming activity will help in the real world, especially if the gamification is created to make learning have increased retention and joy!

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