Memory Hacks to Improve Your Brain and Amp Up Intelligence
Updated on January 31, 2024
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Memory Hacks to Improve Your Brain and Amp Up Intelligence

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There is a lot of evidence that you can increase the power of your brain, even though this is one of the most mysterious organs in the human body. And after a thousand studies and tests, one thing is clear — it is not about how smart you are, but what you do to become smart. Quick and easy memory improvement hacks include not cramming, repetition, memory apps, taking breaks, and various mnemonic devices.

Some people will agree that there is no such thing as bad memory or an exceptionally good memory. However, this cognitive mechanism can be categorized as trained and untrained memory. So if you know a person that seems to be naturally granted impressive memory skills, lots of hard work stands behind the scene. The power of memorization is evaluated by how intensively you work to strengthen it. The mental upgrade sometimes is deemed urgent, especially when some early aging signs become more obvious. The response to such mind function changes must be prompt to avoid its downturn, which simply may have a poor effect on your perception, logic, analytical mind, thinking, and intelligence. Unloading mental and emotional baggage, rewiring your personal attitude to the situation and fighting automatic negative thoughts, or using a self-awareness wheel method to ruminate on the events and obtain accurate inferences are some of the activities that can become a part of memorization hack tactics.

Simple Memory Hacks

Scientists keep learning new facts about our cognition, intellect, and brain systems. If you don’t remember everything you should and it takes too much time to put data into virtual memory storage, or some memory lapses bring you to the uncomfortable situation when you cannot recall the name of a person you’ve just met, the next memory hacks are just right for you.

Don’t Cram

Attempts to encode complex concepts, facts, and data may fail if you will use cramming. Stuffing tons of new information into memory storage to prepare for upcoming exams will probably have poor outcomes. So one of the memory hacks is to be conscious about what you learn and how your brain memorizes. And even if such a cram-style of exam preparation seems like the only way out, this is not so. Sometimes, it will not help to pass the exam, but on the contrary, it will cause a feeling of panic and stress. But systematized memory training with the help of brain exercises will help you concentrate, regain composure and control over cognitive processes, and succeed in your studies. So don’t get ready to memorize; get ready to enhance your capabilities. Get ahead of your needs —  train your memory now, so it will be more effortless to encode in the future.


If one has been unconsciously revising all day, being distracted by social media, noises, or other things, the mind will be absolutely exhausted anyway. Luckily, conscious rehearsal can turn meager results into bigger achievements. To do that, first of all, know what you learn and understand the material fully. Therefore, a more conscious understanding of the problem that needs to be solved may appear. Remember that time-limited and speedy repetition can be harmful to memorization. Also, our brains can be compared to our computers — when opening multiple tabs in the browser, the speed of information processing plummets. So one more recommendation is to avoid multitasking, as when focusing on one task, probably, you will not sacrifice the quality of encoding. And also, make pauses, as freshening supports rethinking the material.

Why breaks matter

One of the great memory hacks is to relax your mind, shift worries away, and recharge. Also, your mind always eavesdrops on your self-talk. Negative thinking can overload your brain and your capacity to think clearly. So when you rest, make sure your mind is free from problems. Preparing for an exam just shields away from potential issues, like poor results, failure, or forgetting the answers. Program yourself for success, but before you do that, empty your mind, kill every bad thought that drives you crazy or causes anxiety, and give your memory a chance to be completely inactive, at least for five minutes. Remember, whatever is good for your brain will be good for your memorization progress, and pausing is one of the tricks that can make a difference to how firmly material is ‘stuck’ to your head.

Brain-training apps & games

An innovative, intuitive, and user-friendly improve-memory app has also proved itself as an interactive way of boosting our reaction, rewiring the stagnant mind to make it more active, and simply launching our memory. So if you quickly get bored with traditional methods of increasing intelligence, download an app or game.

Use mnemonic devices

With a mnemonic device, you can transform whatever complex set of data into something easy to process and encode. The thing is that you have to select one technique that suits your brain’s uniqueness. It means that you must determine whether your mind is more associative, imaginative, logical, analytical, etc. Thus, you can apply a rhyming tactic and create a chain of rhymes to remember, for example, new vocabulary or scientific definitions. Mind mapping is another mental tool that comprises the creation of associations with data that must be remembered and the placement of these associative links on an imaginative route. Explore the universe of the memorization hack, and choose the one that you like the most. But be ready to assess the level of cognitive improvement it brings, as some individuals are better with number encoding while others can easily recall visual scenes. And keep in mind that what nourishes your brain and makes it stronger is a novelty. If you have not tried such techniques, this may become a new experience promoting neuroplasticity for you. Become a lifelong learner and try new things in your life.

Convert numbers into words

It allows one to memorize an impressively long set of numbers, for example, phone numbers. Such exercise is known as the major system, and using its algorithm; it is possible to link a number with a sound or a word. Such a system, although it seems confusing, is, in fact, quite fun and useful. This is how the original data that is hard to memorize can be reshaped into the phrase that will stick to your mind, so your task is to decode such phrases to extract information that was encoded there. What does it look like? Let’s link number 4 with the letter R while number 6 will be linked with the letter B. Now, you have the 2 digits to transform. What you have to do is to create a word from these letters, for example, BEAR. And now you know that the simple word BEAR will always correspond to the numbers 6 and 4. This is how you can encode a long number that consists of 10 and more digits into simple words. That’s how you can remember dates or, for example, the book page where you finished reading. This memorization hack is usually overlooked. But it is definitely worth trying. And just one more recommendation here: we memorize odd and ridiculous things, words, and symbols a lot more easily.

Teach someone else from scratch

Teaching others is a proven study method for those who teach. This is how you can consolidate skills or knowledge you already have. Connecting with others is not only about growing your neurons and strengthening neurological networks but also about social networks. Other individuals can inspire you, and while you teach others, you may also learn and explore new things.

Sleep at least seven hours

Sleep is the time when our brain system consolidates short to long-term memory; that is when you clean out the plaque that leads to neurodegenerative diseases and severe memory failures. Remember that your brain is resilient, but it is also fragile. So be responsible about it. Break bad habits and take care of healthy sleep patterns.

Test yourself

Monitoring your progress is the key motive to be engaged in self-testing. It is a potent tactic that never loses its relevance, whether you are learning a new language, need to pass exams, or are looking for career success.

Use flashcards

Flashcards are good for structuring the material into blocks, so your mind can perceive information as a well-designed system of main things and avoid chaotic remembering that leads to poor recall of learned content. Such a memory hack especially comes in handy for students who try to memorize correct answers or individuals who need to make a presentation. With such a repetition system of keys and main ideas, it is possible to get doubled results. With logically created cards, the mind will easily recollect those ideas and thoughts. Cards can really give your studying experience a completely new dimension by quickening the learning. They can suit absolutely any goal and topic and be of any size, shape, and visual distinction that also can be a powerful way to rearrange and categorize data.


How can I memorize things quickly?

Creating flashcards, self-testing routines, and using a memory hack like the Major System are memory-boosting methods proven with time.

What are the 3 secret study tips?

The three memory hack ingredients are powerful mnemonic techniques, strong focus, and dogged persistence.

How can I memorize anything quickly?

Growing mentally requires a customized strategy that suits specific needs and can contain multiple methods, such as the mind palace or adjusting lifestyle.

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