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William James Sidis has the World’s Highest IQ. Anywhere from 250 to 300 is his IQ score, almost twice the score of Albert Einstein. At the age of eleven, William famously entered Harvard University, becoming the youngest person to enter, also, claimed to be conversant in 25 languages.

Valuable information on the monumental achievements of human intelligence inspires many people around the globe. We are stemming from the groundbreaking discoveries made by real professionals. People such as Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and various other intellectuals, which play a part in uncovering our comprehension of matter and our human experience. Comparing these contributions is occasionally measured by one's ability to show the boundless magnitude of our intelligence. Visible through achievements of the smartest people in the world, IQ tests, and show of undeniable genius!

Genius people like William Sidis enable us to believe in our more magnificent limitless nature. Another example of this is Professor Stephen Hawking, who inspires humanity to this day; to strive for a peek at the unknown. Professor Hawking’s IQ is much above average as well, scoring higher than 160 places him in the top, less than one percentile. Up there, with Albert Einstein and Mozart. Apart from high IQ, he was a person who notably popularized science with his ability to take massive amounts of complex information on things, such as black holes, and makes them accessible for people who are not scientists. This makes him one of the smartest people in the world who also happens to be a person with the highest IQ from recent years of life on Earth. Professor Stephen Hawking’s IQ is much up to par with his desire to make a complete theory of the universe accessible to everyone! A true genius of a person with much compassion for all humans.

Professor Stephen Hawking took complex physics and presented them with metaphorically understandable terms. These discoveries truly push humanity forward as a whole, helping answer questions about the concept of time, existence, and our current state. Likewise, Jonas von Essen showed the world once again, we are limitless. The Two-Time World Memory Champion attempted to show his phenomenal attributes to memory with his display of memorizing the first one hundred thousand digits of Pi (π) in March of 2020. His usage of a mnemonic device called Mind Palace Technique shows how one's ability to increase intelligence can be done by learning other methods, which will assist the process of encoding and recalling information.

Top 10 highest IQ ever

William James Sidis 250-300
Christopher Hirata 225
Johann Goethe 210-225
Terence Tao 210
Leonardo Da Vinci 180-220
Isaac Newton 190-220
Marie Curie 180-220
Nikola Tesla 130-310
Nicolaus Copernicus 160-200
Professor Hawking 160

The person with the highest IQ may have a greater chance of displaying great brain health, which attributes to the increase of intelligence. Healthy brain and information retention go hand in hand with one's ability to utilize intelligence to reach desired conclusions of hypotheses. The web of ideas is supported by intelligence, and intelligence is supported by the ability to process information towards best desirable outcomes, ‘solutions overcoming barriers.’ The solutions, which solve the basic needs for the existence of humans on Earth.

An increase in intelligence must be seen as a whole, which consists of universally similar attributes within human mental abilities. The way mental skills, such as problem solving, logic, and reasoning, come together to manifest the perceived intelligence of a human being. Our job is not to focus on the IQ score but rather to understand our strengths and things we can work on to help us live a healthy, stable life. A life with a great personal fiance is found where intelligence is, at the very least, utilized - put to use. We are all intelligent, just not all of us choose to attempt discovering that intelligence within. Building the web processes of action which intelligence arises from requires a steady, healthy pace—entailing a stress-free, health-centered environment.

The likes of William Sidis, Stephen Hawking, and Jonas von Essen show us that we ourselves set the limits to our limitless intelligence, nobody else. Each contribution unravels a piece of the whole. For the rest of the world to rise with these discoveries as well. When others are seen breaking, previously thought barriers, striving to a better intelligence is evermore promising. Aligning with our nature and experiencing intelligence in everyday life will set us up for success in making life better. Therefore, having the highest IQ score is only part of the possibilities to exhibit intelligence - many various contributions can be made! Bottom line is that understanding becomes a great place to start in that betterment of intelligence.

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