memoryOS becomes the Most Funded App in Kickstarter History and Receives a Project We Love Acknowledgment!

memoryOS is now the All-time Most Funded App on Kickstarter, the Golden Trophy is ours! 🏆🚀

Within 31 days (June 1- July 3, 2021), memoryOS, a memory training app, has become the most funded app in Kickstarter history. The company received $642,014 from 2862 backers to help bring its mission to life. The first version of memoryOS will be available on mobile and then shortly after that on desktop, web and VR.

memoryOS is honored to be part of the Kickstarter space alongside other great projects! We say great because it takes greatness, courage, and persistence to become fully funded on Kickstarter. Each pledge and supporter are drops to our waterfall of memoryOS, becoming 6400% funded to make memorization skills the new norm! 

Many walks of life have backed memoryOS - humans from all over the globe contributed to the success on Kickstarter. We were fortunate to communicate with hundreds of users in the form of a phone call to hear their dogmas on memory. This was when our Kickstarter work began to happen before the actual launch date. We also spent countless hours researching down the rabbit hole of crowdfunding tips and tricks. Besides reading all the articles from the first several pages of related search results and watching knowledgeable videos, we reached out to prominent leaders in the Kickstarter space - other project creatives. This was a great help as well!

memoryOS receiving the Project We Love acknowledgment from the Kickstarter team, a rare achievement for first-time projects creators

The majority of backers are from the United States of America. The United Kingdom and Australia tied for 2nd place, and Canada came in 3rd. While London and Sydney tied for 1st place as the city with the most backers, Singapore came in 2nd place and Los Angeles in 3rd. In the team's hearts, each backer is number one - we are glad to see that our project has touched the shores of more than 50 different countries and is ongoing.

Understanding that most of the work is done in advance, we prepared ourselves for a few sleepless nights after the launch date. We tried our best to measure, analyze and adjust along the way. Each team member, advisor, family member, and friend supported until the very last second of our project’s deadline. However, the sweet part to the bitter is that we have continued our campaign on Indiegogo, allowing those who did not have a chance - to back memoryOS still at an excellent product value.

The memory improvement market is growing like never before. It is a sign that people are recognizing how essential memory truly is. Each of us has had an “I don’t remember” episode, so we already know some of the invaluable benefits of being able to remember — and it goes far beyond that with memoryOS. Great memorization skills for the broad public can have a positive impact on humanity as a whole. This is what our mission at memoryOS is about: improving lives by providing tools that will help individuals drastically improve their memories and break illusional mental barriers! 

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Our mission is to make excellent memorization skills the new norm

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"Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going."

Tennessee Williams

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